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Lions and Tigers and Escalation Clauses. Oh My!! The Wild 2013 Northern VA Market Part 1 – What Sellers Want

It’s a jungle out there as anyone looking for a home will tell you.   With limited inventory and scores of buyers,  multiple contract scenarios are common place.  Escalation clauses, appraisal waivers and more more are being  included in contracts.   How does one increase the odds of a successful bid?  Well, the simple answer is […]

Tales From The Front Lines: The Power of Previewing

Technology is great. When I started in the business in the late 80s I would have never thought I would be writing a blog (and would not even have known what the word meant). I would have never thought my clients would be using a computer to find homes. And that they would be able to pull up pictures, get aerial views, estimated values and more – unfathomable.

This is all wonderful but despite all of our advances, nothing beats old fashioned “boots on the ground” (just saw Acts of Valor with my son). Let me explain what I mean