Inherited Property

Having the responsibility to close out an estate is hard emotionally, physically, and legally. Let me put my experience to work for you to help make the home sale one of the easier parts of your job.

I’ve been a Realtor for over 30 years and have made working with inherited property a specialty. Over the few years, I have averaged over 13 estates sales a year. I know of no other agent in the market who has worked with more inherited property than me.

I have systems in place to make your job easier. From estate sales and auctions to charitable organizations that will pick up household goods to junk haulers, I know who to call. Once you tell me the family has removed all items they want to keep, I can handle the rest for you.

In many situations, the family decides to sell as is. But if work is needed, whether it is a small handyman job or a complete remodel, I have trusted contractors to call.

My first goal is to understand your family and your unique situation so that we can craft a plan that meets your needs and your timetable. There are different strategies for every situation.

  • Families needing to act quickly vs families that need more time
  • Families under financial distress vs families with significant resources
  • Families where all get along vs families with conflict
  • Beautiful homes vs hoarder homes
  • One heir vs multiple, out of the country or missing heirs
  • When the deceased had no will vs having a will vs having the property in a trust

I’ve done all of these and together we will make sure the strategy for your home is perfect for the situation.

Last, and very importantly, for every inherited property I work with, I have a local title company run a title search. Usually, all is fine. When there are issues, most are solvable but finding paperwork in an estate can take time so I want to get in front of any problems. Very occasionally, a large issue comes to light and we need to postpone the marketing of the property until it is resolved. The bottom line; I try to anticipate any and all problems in advance so we have a smooth path to settlement.

Below you will find posts on various topics related to inherited property. I’ve also written a book on the topic. The book is available for purchase on Amazon.

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