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Movin’ On Up…..

You are not going to like me.  I am about to ruin your day.  Here is a link to the classic theme song for that famous 70’s sitcom that inspired the title to this post.  (“…Movin on up to the East Side, A Deluxe Apartment in the Sky…”  Now it will be stuck in your head […]

Move Up Thoughts Part II: Timing The Market

Often homeowners move up because of a life event. Perhaps two single homeowners are getting married and need to sell their current homes and buy a home better suited to their new life. (A Realtor’s dream – 3 transactions!!) Or perhaps an expanding family requires more space. Or a wonderful career opportunity pops up outside of Northern Virginia.

However, other moves are discretionary. The homeowner has the financial resources to move to a new home and desires to do so for a variety of reasons; more space, bigger lot, smaller lot, more amenities, better schools, etc. The actual timing of the move is not critical so these folks often ask, “How is the market? Should I do this now or wait?” There may be some personal financial factors that dictate the proper response but the market is not really a factor. Here’s why.