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September Stats Show Shift

(Say that quickly!)    I usually just post the monthly numbers in the Market Stats section of the website and do not comment on the numbers but there was one number in the September results that showed a small turn in the market.  Most people tout the change in average price as an indicator in […]

Sales and Inventory In Northern Virginia By Month

I must admit, I am a bit of a stat nut. I have detailed sales and inventory data for the Northern Virginia market for the last 15 years and additional sales data going back to 1975. (Using baseball parlance, I might border on being called a seamhead) Don’t worry, it is safe to read on. My blogs will never get too deep into a statistical interpretation of the market. I will leave that to others. Under the Market Stats tab above are several good resources for those interested in viewing a stunning array of charts and graphs. Here we will just review very simple data that can help a buyer or seller in deciding what time of year may be best to act.